Welcome to A Jane Austen Gazetteer

The Gentleman Traveler:

If you’re looking to recreate a tour of Jane Austen’s life, great information can be found at AustenOnly, Jane Austen Gazetteer and Jane Austen’s Letters. – The Gentleman Traveler

A Jane Austen Gazetteer

The aim of this site is to provide, in time, a complete directory – a Gazetteer– of real places throughout the world which Jane Austen and her family inhabited or visited, a useful companion to her letters and works. This Gazetteer of places associated with Jane Austen is composed of maps, engravings and descriptions of  places gathered from many different published sources, all contemporary with Jane Austen and all are the property of the site’s author.

The places associated with Jane Austen can be accessed via the links on the left hand, or above in the header via the county links.

Do note that all the illustrations- maps and engravings- can be enlarged simply by clicking on them. Whilst the site’s author is delighted to share them with you here, she politely requests you do not copy them for use away from this site without first obtaining written permission from her.

This is a sister-site toAustenOnly

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